Lorin Yochim, Ph.D.

I work in the Department of Educational Policy Studies at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada, teaching courses in sociology of education, ethics and law for teachers, education and social justice, and contemporary issues in education. My research and scholarly work is in the area of cultural sociology of education (especially of Mainland China), critical ethno-geography, and cultural change.  Read my blogs at vocationoftheheart.wordpress.com and societyandeducation.wordpress.com, or follow @lyochim on Twitter.


About Lorin Yochim, Ph.D.

I am an Assistant Professor in the Institute for International & Comparative Education at Beijing Normal University (Faculty of Education). I specialize in cultural sociology of education (esp. of Mainland China), comparative education, critical geography, & cultural change.
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2 Responses to Lorin Yochim, Ph.D.

  1. contact Amy Chua? @ Yale .

    • Lorin Yochim says:

      Hmmm…not sure if Amy has much to offer in this regard. She’s a fine legal scholar, but she doesn’t really bring that know how to her parenting book. I suppose that might relate to her lack of skill as a satirist, which is one of her claims, but I think not.

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